Frontiersmen REAPER System (Residential Engagement And Portable Environment Resource)

What can the Frontiersmen do for you?

Interested in getting your family more prepared? Looking for like-minded individuals? Been searching for a group to help you get organized? Have an interest in training and learning new skills? Hoping to find an organization that will be fun for the whole family?

You have come to the right place!

Since 2009, the Frontiersmen have organized, trained, planned, and prepared our families to mitigate any man-made, natural, or economic distaster. Our goal is simple - to organize a serious defense against threats to our homes and familes, while doing so in a way that was fun and family-friendly.

We prep as preppers - we are skilled as survivalists - we train as militia. We are all of them and yet we are none of them - we are Frontiersmen!

- Dan Toth, Founder

The Frontiersmen is an organization that organizes local units (called troops) around your friends & family. We then network your troop with those in your area and across the nation. The goal is to build up a network of trusted, like-minded individuals who work together, train together, and grow together into a cohesive defense against any catastrophe that may affect our lives.

While there are other organizations out there that may share the same goals as we do, our approach is quite unique and we were the first to bring it to light in 2009. We combine a balanced, well-organized, and time-tested structure together with a program that has activities for the entire family. Making ours not only serious and effective, but also fun and enjoyed by the young and old alike.

The Frontiersmen approach utilizes 4 main points:

  • Primitive survival and bushcrafting skills
  • Tactical and self-defense training
  • Prepping and homesteading skills
  • Networking our members across the nation

Local and Nation-Wide

While our activities focus on the local with meetings, camps, local training activities, we are also a nation-wide organization. We have members from across the country, which means wherever you go, you have contacts you can reach out to, meet, or train with.

You can meet local members of other troops in your neighborhood or sit and chat with members 2000 miles away on our Teamspeak server. You will find that regardless of where you go, you are treated as family. And we are always active and eager to share our experience and knowledge to help you grow your troop.

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