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Online voice chat system.


Teamspeak has become a standard within the Frontiersmen for convenient voice conferencing with a large number of participants. We utilize this software on a daily basis, wether it is for an official meeting or if it is just to chat online, On most days, there will be members present online for a public discussion on daily news. For those interested in meeting members and learning more about the organization, we offer bi-weekly Introductory Meetings where we invite prospects to an official "meet & greet" discussion.


Introductory Meetings on Teamspeak

These are public discussions to give people an opportunity to learn more about our organization and meet members from all over the country. Our Introductory Meetings are held in the Public Town Hall channel of the server every other Wednesday at 8PM EDT.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, May 2, 2018. To join in, download Teamspeak and log into our server.


How to Install Teamspeak

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STEP #1 - Download Teamspeak 3 Client

Download and install the software from

Smart Phones-

Download the Teamspeak 3 Client from your App Center. The Android version is free, however it cost $4.95 for the iPhone version.

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STEP #2 - Connect to Our Server

1. Open and click CONNECTIONS at top left

2. Click CONNECT

3. Enter "" as the SERVER ADDRESS

4. Enter a NICKNAME

5. Enter "123" as the SERVER PASSWORD

6. Click CONNECT

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STEP #3 - Use Teamspeak Etiquette

1. Go to SETTINGS > SETUP WIZARD and set your microphone to "push-to-talk". This will avoid your mic from picking up background noise and causing an echo effect.

2. Upon entering, wait for an opportunity and then introduce yourself. We are always happy to meet new friends!

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STEP #4 - Things to Avoid

1. Any provocative or disruptive comments.

2. Racial slurs and/or bigoted remarks.

3. Trying to recruit or advertise your organization on our platform.

4. Discussions encouraging or enspousing criminal behavior.