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I had been following the Frontiersmen group on Facebook for years and always found their group informational, supportive, and non-confrontational - a rarity these days. My husband and I resolved to get off our butts this year and start our troop in the western frontier, join us!


CA131 Frontiersmen is a network of local citizens preparing for man-made, economic, & natural disasters throughout CA. Our mission is to provide for the education, training, & equipping of members to mutually defend our friends, families & property during a crisis.


Community is most essential to a good PLAN B. I'm just so grateful I found the Frontiersmen when I was looking for a community. It was so uncanny to see my life's moral code in print on a group website I had never seen before! This has really been fate- GOD's hand aga


I count joining the Frontiersmen as one of the best things I have decided to do in my life! They are a true brotherhood and I am proud to call myself a member.


I am very excited to be working with an organization with such strong Biblical and Constitutional roots to create havens against the coming chaos. I have not encountered such a strong collection of honorable, intelligent and motivated people in one place since the Army.


as and avid prepper and proud father i thought i had all the answers....wrong!! i decided to join a group and after looking at many diffrent groups,i found the frontiersmen!!! a great group of people!! anyone that has any thoughts on joining a group that really is family oriented


This group is like an extended family. For a couple years I was doing it all on my own. This group has shown me and taught me that I am not alone . They want to provide for and protect their family and friends. A network of hope in an uncertain world. A faith and family based gro


I believe God brought all of us together! I myself have looked around for a group folks that was like minded,about the matters going on in world today. Some how stumbled on to The Frontiersmen.Since then I have gained so much knowledge in many different fields. We The Frontiersme


Mutual aid and defense will be critical to survival when long-term crisis comes. Frontiersmen stand out with the potential to enhance both the long-term survival and quality of life. Frontiersmen are great to associate with and can be counted on in the time of need.


I have been looking for a group like The Frontiersmen, it seems, all of my life. Having been a prepper and a member of quite a few online groups, this is the only organization that espouses everything I believe in. God, Family, Country. I am a proud member.


I joined the Frontiersmen in February of 2013 and i already feel like i have a second family! This is the most vigilant, honest, dedicated, caring, family minded group you will ever find. The resources that this national group brings to the table is the best i have seen.


Best thing i have ever done,the info that has been shared is one of the greatest Benefits that you can have,also when you get to meet people at the FTX,this group has been what i was looking for for a long time,Been with them now for 3 years,


Since discovering this group I feel like I have added many members to my family. This group has a sound moral compass, is compassionate, humble, and keeps the highest standards among their members. The Frontiersmen's ideals and values are strong. Im proud to be one.


i was once a lone wolf, now I run with a pack,and feel safer and stronger for it.the frontiersmen have became my family and it feels wonderful to know ,I am not alone ....


The Frontiersmen is a family-friendly organization whose mission is to prepare and train everyone - men, women, and children - in the skills necessary to mitigate any man-made, natural, or economic crisis. Great life skills - great people - great times!

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