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Our Structure

Organizing friends and family.

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Many, Together, as One

One of the many aspects that makes the Frontiersmen different than other prepper networks or survivalist groups is our structure. The Frontiersmen is not a top-down organization where there is a "national headquarters" and various satellite chapters throughout the country. It is much more similar to an association or co-op, where everyone is considered an equal part of the organization. Of course the binding thread amongst all Frontiersmen is adherance to our official charter and the values contained within. This is the mortar that holds the bricks in place, allowing us to form one single defensive wall shielding those within.


Troop Members

A Frontiersmen Troop is a group of friends and family who unite together in a common bond to prepare themselves for any disaster. The Frontiersmen do not require records of membership within individual Troops, only the contact information of the Troop Leader themselves. This limits dissemination of private information and enhances the overall privacy of our members.


Troop Leadership Roles

When a new Troop is formed within the Frontiersmen, there is a structure that is followed to keep everything organized. All positions within a Troop serve a specific function needed to maintain focus and readiness of the whole, in addition to allowing for direct communication with others. While units will vary from one to another in requirements, the basic positions of Troop Leader, Corps Leaders, and Team Leaders are similar throughout the entire organization. All positions are elected by the Troop membership to serve for a period of six months. At the end of each term, leadership can be altered or remain in place based on their individual performance and the needs of the unit.

The Troop leadership structure is the highest structured control in the Frontiersmen. Each unit is an autonomous part of the whole, which is to say there is no individual who exerts influence or control on a Troop that is not a direct member.


A Regiment

In the Frontiersmen, all the Troops in a single state are referred to as a "Regiment". Members of a Regiment work together to address issues, plan state-wide activities, and to assist in the creation of more Troops. Sometimes a Regiment may have to address some larger issues, ones that cannot be handled on a Troop level. In such a case, the Regiment would call a State Assembly. A State Assembly is made up of one representative from every Troop in the Regiment (generally the Troop Leader).




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