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Membership Criteria

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We ask all new members to be familiar with our Official Charter prior to officially joining the Frontiersmen.

Basic Criteria

All interested parties shall be considered for membership in the Frontiersmen – there is a role for everyone, regardless of sex, age, or physical limitation. No person shall be excluded on the basis of ethnicity, religion, national origin, political opinions, gender, or age. However, minors shall require the written consent or presence of a parent or guardian to participate.

For an individual become a Frontiersman, they must meet most or all of the following basic criteria. Potential members possessing less than 4 of the 5 criteria below should be examined more thoroughly before being allowed to join your unit.

  1. Frontiersmen Tactical Defense Drills
    Be known or associated with at least 1 other member
  2. Highly motivated and willing to participate
  3. Possess the means to prepare themselves with food, equipment, firearms, etc.
  4. Honest & dependable
  5. Willing to come to the aid of others when needed

The Frontiersmen live by a specific creed. We hold to this as our means of keeping us united as a cohesive group. Potential members must become familiar with the Frontiersmen Creed & Oath prior to membership.


Joining the Frontiersmen

If you are interested in becoming a Frontiersman, there are 4 ways you can join:

  1. Joining an existing Troop
  2. Joining a Troop as an affiliate member
  3. Forming a new Troop

Joining an Existing Troop

All Troops in the Frontiersmen are autonomous – they make all decisions that affect their group amongst themselves. Therefore, units may accept or deny membership to whom they choose, based on their own criteria. If someone asks to join, the unit must decide if the person is a motivated, dependable, trustworthy, and a positive addition to the group. All requests will be reviewed by the leadership of that unit and then a final decision will be made regarding acceptance as a full member, affiliate member status, or denial. In no case are units required to accept people with whom they are not comfortable with.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership refers to the state of working closely with an existing unit, but not as a full-fledged member of that unit. You will not be issued Troop patches nor have access to information or activities the unit deems private, but you will be invited to attend outings, training, classes, and be connected with their alert system.

Affiliate membership does not grant any right to be supported and/or defended by the unit as a full member; however it does allow you some familiarity with the unit if there is a situation where we all need to come together. Affiliate membership requires the permission of the Troop (as above).

Forming a New Troop

If joining an existing unit is not an option, you still have the option of creating a new one with your friends/family. New units may be created by any current member or by non-members wishing to become Frontiersmen.

When creating a new Troop, the candidate simply submits a contact form through this website and the Membership Committee will follow up on the best date to hold an online interview. After the interview, a decision as to the candidate's acceptance or denial shall be made. Details on how to organize a new unit are found in The Official Charter.

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