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Our History

An overview of Frontiersmen history

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A New Idea for a New Day

Throughout the Patriot Community there are groups that can generally be categorized in one of three ways: survivalists, preppers, and militia. While each of these types of groups have their strengths, in 2009 an entirely new approach was developed to organize into groups that concentrated on all aspects - living off the land, preparing our families, and offering a defense to protect what we have built.

Below is an overview of our evolution; how a small group in NE Ohio transformed into the American Frontiersmen we see today.

  • ideaThe Idea
  • craftingCrafting the "Ohio Frontiersmen"
  • challengeOur First Challenge
  • movementA New State-Wide Movement
  • expandFrontiersmen Expand
  • nationalA National Organization

The Idea

In the spring of 2009 a meeting was held in Ravenna, Ohio to discuss a variety of issues that we believed posed a threat to our families and way of life. The discussion ranged from natural disasters to social unrest resulting from an economic collapse. The need for a “safety net” was obvious to all that attended and toward the end of the evening, it was apparent that what was needed was a group to be assembled for mutual support and our common defense.

With half of the participants being prior militia members from the 1990s and the rest being more along the lines of survival/prepping, we had a unique microcosm in our group. From that we were able to discern what worked in building a strong foundation and what should be avoided. After some weeks of debating the different opinions, an entirely new approach was fashioned – one that mixed the defensive training of militia; the preparedness of the prepping community; and the primitive survival techniques of survivalists into one.

Crafting the "Ohio Frontiersmen"

Research into an identity for this new approach was done over the course of months. The goal was to have one that encompassed an accurate description for Ohio during the early days of the Revolutionary War.

Since Ohio was considered the "frontier" during the 1700s, and frontiersmen were precisely the model we were encapsulating, the group adopted the name "Ohio Frontiersmen". With scores of groups across the nation utilizing patriotic terms such as "minutemen", "patriots", "constitutional gaurd", and the like, we felt "frontiersmen" was entirely unique and perfect in describing our core mission of God, Family, Country. One that summarized being self-sufficient, building strong families, and maintaining liberty in the face of all challenges.

With our charter complete and our mission clear, the "Ohio Frontiersmen" was officially formed as a single group.

The First Challenge

As it happens all too frequently with new ideas; shortly after our official declaration to form this group, 3 of the original 8 members fell away. Their day-to-day responsibilities and work obligations had taken their focus from preparing. Their commitment and participation fell off completely and soon it was apparent they would not be participating in the Frontiersmen. That did not discourage the remaining 5 however, and together they worked toward strengthening our group and building upon the foundation that was created. We reaffirmed our commitment and moved forward.

This has become the first of many challenges we have faced and overcome; challenges that have destroyed far too many groups in the past. Overcoming this first major issue has set the level of resilience that would later become part of our fabric. To this day, Frontiersmen do not stop, we adapt and overcome.

A New State-Wide Movement

Originally structured as a single unit, it soon became evident that multiple groups could be developed in a similar fashion using this model. Soon, friends of friends began to take an interest and a second unit formed. As news of our structure and ideology spread, requests to organize from all over the state came pouring in.

A lot of interest in what we were doing also began to surface throughout Ohio. Many established groups in the state took notice of this new approach and we started seeing some adopting similar models as their own. With enthusiasm for this new family-friendly organization continuing to grow, by the end of 2011 the Frontiersmen would claim membership across the state.

Frontiersmen Expand

Although the growth in Ohio has been phenomenal, it did not stop there. Witnessing our success, inquiries from outside the state began to come in. People have asked to form “charter” groups outside Ohio. In 2012, after a unanimous vote by the Ohio Frontiersmen General Assembly, the Ohio Frontiersmen officially sanctioned the Michigan Frontiersmen as an official regiment within The Frontiersmen network and offered the organizational model to all states surrounding Ohio. Work then began to develop new units in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

A National Organization

With the success of units forming in adjoining states, we quickly moved to offer charter membership to all states in the Union. Today, Frontiersmen units can be found across America with interest growing daily.

The Frontiersmen has not only become an organizational model, but an ideology unto itself; representing the core values of strength, unity, endurance, and common support among our families and friends.

Our Ideology  

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