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New Member F.A.Q.

How do I Join?

If you would like to start a new troop, these are the steps you must complete.

  1. Read our official charter and familiarize yourself with our organization.
  2. Talk with friends and family to seek a second member to your prospective troop.
  3. Fill out the contact form and submit your information.
  4. You will be contacted by a member of the Membership Committee to schedule an online interview over the next few days. Be sure to have Teamspeak installed to connect.
  5. The Membership Committee will conduct an interview with you and any other prosepective members of your troop. Generally these interviews are an hour or so in length.
  6. The committee may hold a vote or ask for a follow up meeting if there were any more questions.
  7. Following the interviews, the committee will hold a vote and notify you of the outcome.
  8. If your application has been approved, they will give you the required Sponsor Codes to establish an account on this website.
  9. After your account has been created, your Facebook profile will be added to our member only pages.
  10. You will then be invited into meetings and activities as a new member.

If you are joining an existing troop, contact the Troop Leader for more information.

How do I create my online account?

Only sworn members can create an account on the website. If you are new member, follow these steps:

  • Get the Sponsor Code from the Troop you are joining. If you are starting a new Troop, you need two Sponsor Codes from the Membership Committee.
  • Click on Connect > Find Local Troops at top.
  • Navigate to the county for the unit you are joining or the county where you are setting up a new Troop.
  • Select the "Create an Account" tab
  • Enter in the Sponsor Code(s). If you are joining a Troop, enter that unit's code in Sponsor 1 only (Sponsor 2 is blank). If you are starting a new Troop, enter a code in both Sponsor 1 and Sponsor 2.
  • Be sure to select the correct choice under "Select Registration Type". If you are a member of a Troop that is already registered, be sure to select that troop. If you are starting a new Troop, select the appropriate option.
  • Complete the rest of the form and submit.
  • You will be taken to a Profile page where you can complete your personal information.


Why should I join the Frontiersmen?

If you are an active prepper, survivalist, or even in a militia, the Frontiersmen still have a lot to offer. As a national organization, we have a depth of resources not found in most other groups. In addition to advanced training and experience in a variety of topics, we offer everyone a network of active members that are happy to work with you in developing your unit into an organized, well-prepared Troop. Additionally, as part of the Frontiersmen, you will be part of one of the largest civil defense networks in the country. Offering you peace of mind knowing that there are brothers and sisters willing and able to come to your aid if needed.

Are you like a club, militia, or something else?

We are far more than a 'club'. We are over a hundred self-formed groups of individuals who are united together in the defense of our homes, our friends, and our families. It could best be described as a national 'community watch' program, or a "Boy Scouts for adults" type of organization; mixing primitive survival with prepping, and then offering a means of defending it.

In regards to the term "militia", there is quite a lot of misinformation regarding who and what they are in the mainstream media. So when asked "are you a militia?", one would have to clarify the question by asking "what is a militia to you?".

Wikipedia describes the term "militia" as meaning "the warrior way" and is in reference to any civilian who defends themselves. This can range from from making a citizen's arrest; to forming a community watch; to joining a sheriff's posse. Under your state law, the term "militia" refers to all able-bodied individuals, generally between the age of 18-65, who can be called upon to defend their community. Under law, militia is further described as being made up of the "organized militia" (those in the national guard or similar branch) and the "unorganized militia" (those who meet the criteria but are not in the national guard). It is the unorganized or civilian militia that is commonly referred to as simply "militia".

Many people have come to believe that "militia" refers to a small band of armed individuals who run around the woods. Despite the bad press that so many of these groups receive from the mainstream media, those who truly understand militia know that there is much more to them than simply training with firearms. Constitutional militia is actually part of the American heritage and to this day serve as a watchdog to liberty. A much-needed aspect of our society when one realizes the militia actually predates the nation and it is upon this foundation that our great republic was actually born. The Frontiersmen understand the role militia have, their historical revelance. and respect their service to the country.

The Frontiersmen however are not an "unorganized militia" as we consist of all the people; including active military, reservists, law enforcement, government employees, and civilians alike. We also include the young and old, as we do not limit participation based on age. Nor are the Frontiersmen a para-military organization by any means. We are everyone who has a desire to protect their families during an emergency. Thus we are made up of those who can legally be described as organized/unorganized militia and those who can not. A "civilian version of FEMA" or "Boy Scouts for adults" would more adequately describe the Frontiersmen.

What are the people like?

There are many members who will gladly testify to the fact that our membership is more like family than anything else. We are big, small, old, young, black, white, rich, poor, loud talkers, and quiet listeners. There is no "type" of member since we are a cross-section of what it means to be an American. The one thing we do all have in common is our desire to help each other and our love of God, family and country.

We communicate daily, share our experiences, talk about our day-to-day lives and more all the time. Members frequently have cookouts and other socials, meet on Teamspeak to chat, share information through a variety of social media, and much more. A feeling of belonging that cannot be adequately explained to those who have not experienced it.

What are the rules/code of conduct for members?

Our rules of conduct are simple. Treat others as they should be treated; respect the Constitutional rights of all Americans; never violate the trust no safety of any Frontiersmen; and to be our brother's keeper, never turning your back on a Frontiersmen in need.

If I am a member of another group can I join the Frontiersmen too?

The Frontiersmen is a civil defense network. For the whole to work together in unity, we must have a single focus in regards to structure, procedures, mission goals, and how we react to an emergency. If you retain membership in two or more similar organizations, your priorities, communications, and more, will become confused at best. How does a person react when one groups acts in one manner and another in a different? Therefore, membership in the Frontiersmen must be exclusive in regards to similar organizations. Members cannot retain membership in a seperate militia, survivalist group, or similar operation while actively participating in the Frontiersmen.

Can I join if I am a member of the armed service or reservist?

Yes. We have great respect for those who have served our nation and encourage military personnel to join. Today there are many members that are current armed forces or members of the national guard. We encourage everyone who is interested in defending their homes and their families to be a part of the Frontiersmen. Military personnel, having to contend with deployment and other spans of time seperated from their familes, have the confidence of knowing their loved ones have an emergency support network in their absence.

Am I allowed to join if I don't own a gun?

As a civil defense network, our members are aware there may be times where you find yourself in a situation that you may have to defend yourself or your homes. Looters, rioters and other threats may befall neighborhoods if there were a catastrophic event; such as rioting, a hurricane or economic collapse. For this reason we encourage all members to possess the means to defend themselves and offer instruction in the same. With that said, ownership of firearms or any other protection is not mandatory.

Can I join if I am old and/or disabled?

Yes. The Frontiersmen offer our members a variety of services that do not require physical prerequisites; communication, long-term food preparation, training, educational materials, social media, and support in the form of friendship are to name a few. If you have a love of God - family - country then we can use you!

Does it cost money to join the Frontiersmen?

We do not charge individual membership fees, however we do require that all troops donate a small monthly fee to the national organization to cover operating expenses. Currently this amount is only $5 per month per troop. Unless specific circumstances require additional funding, all activities within the Frontiersmen, including training, educational classes, camping, networking, and the like are offered free to all members.

We do require all members to actively participate in acquiring the needed supplies and equipment to successfully prepare their families for an emergency. We consider your indvidual membership dues to be the money you invest in your family's future.

Is this legal?

Yes of course. We are an association of like-minded individuals pursuing our interest in a common goal - to prepare ourselves against a variety of disasters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) even encourages all Americans to prepare for disasters. We take it one step further in preparing ourselves for not only local emergencies, but also for those of a regional or national level. To come together as one in order that we may successfully mitigate any crisis.

Are their physical requirements?

No. While we do encourage all our members to actively seek to improve their physical fitness, there is no minimum requirements for membership. Your responsibility within your Troop will be determined by your abilities and those of your friends and family. Everyone has something they can offer to the success of the whole.

How do I build my Troop?

Building a Troop is easy. Once you are sworn in as an official member and designated the "coordinator" for your unit, simply bring your friends and family together and discuss with them the need to prepare themselves against the threat of a natural, man-made or even economic disaster. After you have identified those that would be interested and you have explained the Frontiersmen to them, you can officiate the swearing in of new members into your Troop. Once you have accumulated some members and the Troop is officially designated, elections are made and the process of organizing begins.

We are always willing to assist new members grow their units by offering advice and council when needed. To find Frontiersmen in your local area, see to the national Troop Map.

Is there a ranking system that copies the military?

As a civilian organization, the Frontiersmen do not have any sort of ranking nor command/control structure past that on the Troop level. Troops are autonomous units that work together for the benefit of the whole. Troops will have Team Leaders, Corps Leaders and Troop Leaders for the effective management of each unit, but there are no positions of authority above that.

What activities do you do on campouts?

Well that all depends on who is hosting the training exercise. For the most part, you will find activities for the entire family and we encourage families to participate in them. Most outings will have a variety of courses regarding survival, such as: shelter building, fire-making, solar cooking, water purification, tracking, trapping, land navigation, map reading, signalling, and the like. Additionally, there will be instructional courses for self defense including: hand-to-hand combat, firearm safety, basic firearm skills, close-quarter battle (CQB) drills, and all levels of tactical training.

What can I do to help the Frontiersmen?

At a minimum, share your expertise. Everyone has skills and expertise they can share with others. If you are a hunter, mechanic, doctor, blacksmith, or a farmer, you have a skillset that many do not possess. We pride ourselves in sharing these skills and more in order to better prepare our members for a variety of challenges.

Will my name be on some sort of government list?

I guess the real question is 'who isn't?' With the daily reports of the government spying on Americans and accumulating emails, phone records, texts and more, who can say what is being tracked. Of course if the Frontiersmen are being specifically targeted for some reason, then organizations like the Boy Scouts of America are in real danger, as they are basically the same and are far more numerous. :)

Do you keep a detailed list of members?

No. We do keep contact information on the Troop Leader and anyone else that desires to make an account on the website. Other than that, we do not keep any records of membership at all. All members of your Troop are known only by you and those you wish to share it with.

How can I be certain my information is kept private?

We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of anonimity within our organization. The only information we require is the name and contact information of the Troop Leader, and this is so we establish them as an authority for that unit. The individual membership, personal equipment, supplies, or emergency plans remain within the unit itself and is never shared to anyone other than those you know and trust.

Have a question?

Phone support is available from 8am-6pm Eastern.