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What makes us different?

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What Makes Us Different?

Formed in 2009, the Frontiersmen is the first organization to gain national attention by blending the defensive elements of the militia, the logistical expertise of the prepping community, and the “off the grid” resourcefulness of survivalists. Merging them together to form an effective, united, family-focused, civil defensive force that continues to be well recieved throuought the nation.

The Frontiersmen offer the depth and resourcefulness of a nationwide network, and the presence of a well-structured, professional organization, while still maintaining the highest focus on friends, family, and our local communities.

Member Anonymity & Security
Primitive Survival Training
Self-Defense Training
Tactical Team Combat Training
Food Preservation and Preparedness
Emergency Alert System
Full Disaster Preparedness
Daily Activity & Personal Interaction
Nationwide Membership


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